Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I had a quiet day at home yesterday, too tired to do much of significance, but enjoying the slightly cooler weather for doing not much in. This morning I went into town of the bike, and noticed as I passed that our local beach cafe has closed, and packed away its tables. A sure sign the end of the holiday season is upon us. There are still hundreds of people along the main beaches in town, but a couple of weeks ago there were thousands. I'd be interested to learn how the local economy has fared this summer compared to last year and earlier.

I had my second request for autumn Sunday locum duty availability this morning from the Area Dean of Llandaff, Jenny Wigley, former colleague of mine from team ministry times in Cathays. I learned from her that Jesse Smith, her predecessor at St Michael's in Cathays will be off sick for some time. By sheer co-incidence, after sending me the email, Jenny went out to Llandough Hospital to visit Jesse, and there she bumped into Clare, who was just leaving after having a scan and an x-ray on her troublesome ankle. Jenny then gave her a lift home, which saver Clare having to wait for a bus. It's a small world.

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