Thursday, 28 June 2012

Auto adventure

This evening, I decided to take the chaplain's Ford Escort diesel out for a spin for the first time, feeling that after two days I was once more getting used to traffic running on the other side of the road. I drove out on to the by-pass road and visited the VinarĂ²s Carrefour hypermarket, where I hunted down a bargain pair of sandals, two third the price of ones I couldn't find in my size at Cardiff's big Tesco, before I left.

On my triumphant return journey, I followed the route taken by Michael when showing me around town after yesterday's church council. I re-discovered the location of the hospital, and the route home via the town centre. The terrain around here is quite flat. Learning to navigate locally is less than instinctive, as landmarks are more important to me than signposts for finding my way around. Gradually my mental map of the area is evolving, and my confidence to 'boldly go' where I haven't been before. The feeling is quite delicious. What shall I do tomorrow?

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