Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Getting ready to go

After visiting Amanda and James in Bristol Sunday aftternoon, we dined out at one of Cardiff's best Indian restaurants - Cardamom, opposite St Luke's in Canton. Most enjoyable. So glad I left myself the whole of Monday as clear day for packing and other preparations for my duty spell in Spain. So many things to think about. It meant that I could work through all my last minute nerves and anxieties, and relax a bit over another pleasant supper at home with Clare.

It was dark by the time I remembered that I hadn't stowed bike in the shed. I regret leaving it that late because it was a real fiddle to achieve in the dark. Clare announced at breakfast this morning that the front door was open. It had been all night. I'd failed to slam it shut after taking the bike through, and not noticed when I brought my luggage downstairs just before midnight. Just think, a passing rogue might had walked in and made off with all my working kit. The would really have sabotaged things. But for once it seems, the angels were keeping watch over my plans.

The journey to the airport, and check-in were as smooth as they possibly could be. Now I'm waiting the full two hours for boarding, as I didn't have to sue up any of the slack built into my journey to all for possible delays and queues. The BT 3G wireless dongle is slow and keeps on dropping out. It's the worst possible advertisement for what should be a flagship service.

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