Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The flight game

This morning. I nervously negotiated Ryanair's website to check in for my flight to Spain next Tuesday, and download my boarding pass. Over the past twenty years I have got to know EasyJet's website routines quite well. Booking and checking in for flights has become easy - not least because I know what to disregard of the volume of information and promotions conveyed by the web pages.

Ryanair presents the same things in its own way, and adds in a few extra promotions and caveats, so I've had to inspect each page carefully to make sure I don't miss something or end up buying something I don't need. It's not a pleasant experience. But at least now I have my boarding pass, with the essential rules of the flight game printed on it.

Following Kath's recommendation I listened to a couple of episodes of 'Coffee Break Spanish' this afternoon. At the moment I'll use every kind of language input to keep up the learning stimulus, and my enthusiasm for using it to get by in everyday life in the place I'll be living.

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