Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Anniversary memories

It was a pleasure to welcome worship leaders and church wardens at home this morning, to give me a chance to find out more face to face about how services get prepared and offered for the three different congregations. It meant I could explain how the lectionary can be used to optimise the choice of readings for each occasion. I reckon I've been through the full three year cycle five times since it was first loosed upon the CofE, but in effect a lot longer because my my ecumenical association with Roman Catholic use of it from the early seventies. And it's still a challenge to get it right, not least because of some of the confusing nomenclature options surrounding reading selections from Trinity to Advent. It's a lot harder to get confused during the Advent to Trinity period.

After siesta I took my daily constitutional walk right into town and found the nearest Mercadona supermarket to get some fish for supper ( - really I must be less lazy, and go in during the morning to the covered Market, which I discovered yesterday). On my way there I noticed a Chinese 'market' which had light bamboo weave sombreros for one euro each - irresistible! I took a photo with my phone in case I forgot its name. It was too much fiddle to extract my Canon G9 from its pouch while carrying a shopping bag. Not a bad picture, considering the trouble I had controlling the device.
I wasn't sure I'd taken a picture (I took two in fact without realising), as I couldn't revert from camera mode to phone because of a button I inadvertently pressed, locking the interface in phone mode. Will I ever master this pesky new piece of kit? I played around taking a timed photo with the G9 sat on a balcony balustrade back at home, so I could send one of the hat to Clare, and give her a smile.
It's amazing to think that it's twenty years today since Kath and Anto were wed by our friend Martin in St Anne's Church Talygarn. Clare's mother had just died, and in the same week we attended her funeral. Then, within a short while, Clare and I were on our way to Geneva and the interview for the Chaplain's job there, in a process that just wouldn't happen these days. Even so, it was the beginning of my love affair with the Diocese in Europe and its extraordinary contribution to Christian mission in modern Europe. This week I came across a link to an article by Malcolm Bradshaw, Chaplain in Athens about the current economic situation in Greece, and what the churches are doing. It's worth a read. You'll find it here.

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