Thursday, 12 July 2012

Necessary opportunity

I've been feeling a little jealous of people of all ages whizzing past me on their bicycles since I've been here. "Why not ask around?" says Clare when we Skype of an evening, but by next day it's slipped my mind again.

I was back at 'the Portico' again this morning for the regular Drop In session. A good number of regulars and some old friends visiting passed through this morning. The church and its outreach hold a special place in the hearts of the latter, for certain. In conversation with Ken, our Sunday euphonium player, I finally got around to asking someone where a second hand bike might be obtained. Providentially, I'd spoken to just the right person. He was clearing a friend and neighbour's storage space, and it turned out there were two adult bikes to dispose of at a very reasonable price! After siesta I went around their place to inspect, and agreed to buy them straight away - one for me, and one for Clare when she comes next week, with a nice comfy saddle. 

The coastal plain around Vinaròs offers lots of opportunities for country rides when it's not too hot, and a convenient way to pop to the shops without consuming too much time. The bikes can stay when I leave, in case the new Chaplain or members of his family can make use of them. But, if I learn beforehand that this isn't useful, maybe church funds can benefit from selling them on, or one of the several Vinaròs cycle shops may be willing to take them. It's so much nicer to have my own bike for the duration of my stay than have to pay out to hire one.

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