Thursday, 26 July 2012

Saldonar beach discovery

We drove into town to visit the Vinaròs drop in centre this morning, and I was fortunate to find a parking space by the port, given it's Thursday when traffic can be heavy because of the clothes market. We chatted with visitors coming and going, many of them are now familiar, but some are old friends returning for their summer break who know where to come and catch up. It provides such a valuable opportunity for everyone  in the local English speaking community, whether permanent or birds of passage. 

Then it was time for Clare to have her daily swim - this time at the end of the main beach nearest to the port, for convenience. The sky began to cloud over somewhat and I noticed the beach begin to empty. Then I realised it was getting on for lunchtime, time for us to do some food shopping and go home. Fewer people bring picnics to the beach to eat, although they bring drinks with them. The main meal of the day tends to be eaten here between two and four, when shops (other than supermarkets) close. The supper is taken after eight or even later in the cool of the evening.

After lunch and siesta, we walked along a section of coast path nearest to home, going very carefully to give  Clare's sprained ankle some therapeutic exercise. We found the beach at Cala Saldonar for the first time - I'd somehow missed it before as it's a bit secluded down a lane, and not accessible along the cliff edge due to the houses being constructed close to the edge.

Actually, it's the beach that's the shortest walk from the Vicarage. 

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