Saturday, 21 July 2012

Parrot and bull story

We decided to go out for lunch, so we drove out to L'Ermita, so that everyone to get a good look at the countryside around Vinaròs, and try the local cuisine. We shared several tapas for starters and then had a seafood paella. Just as we were getting started, a large family party came in, and this led to a long delay (accompanied by apologies) before the paella arrived at the table.

In between courses, the family party were served with some unusual diversions. The first was a large life- like yellow and blue mechanical parrot which moved its wings and head when touched, and piped up Ola - que pasa ? in a very parroty voice. The second was a small model of a black Spanish bull which played a fanfare, pawed the ground, grunted, then charged across the table relentlessly. When postres arrived at their table, they passed the toys over for our amusement, while we continued to await our paella. Is this local custom, I wondered? Well, perhaps we'll find out at the chaplaincy lunch Sunday week.

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