Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Punctuality - normal or exceptional

With the suitcases packed, there was enough time this morning to drive Eddie and Ann to the car park at the top end of the Costa Norte road, and walk up and down the length of the Jardi de Sol de riu nature reserve before lunch. We got to the station in good time for the train only to discover that it was running three quarters of an hour late. Fortunately this was of little concern for catching their flight to Britain, as this departs late evening. I'm proposing to use the train to get to El Prat airport for my brief visit home in August. Now I'm wondering about how often trains as unpunctual, and whether I will have enough slack in my itinerary to be sure I arrive in time for the flight, even if I only have hand baggage.

After their departure, I drove Clare along the Vincaros sur coast road down to the Playa Aiguadolivia. The sea being so rough today, the beaches along this stretch were almost empty. We parked in the area where the fun fair had been a few weeks ago, and used the more sheltered beach nearby for Clare to have a swim. The beach was not as packed as those we saw yesterday at Peñíscola and Benicarlo, but populated mostly by young families and groups of very well behaved teenagers having fun, not looking bored or irritable. Not a shadow of loutishness anywhere. It really adds value to the holiday experience when everyone behaves decently together in public.

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