Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A day in the car

Another trip to El Prat airport yesterday, to collect Fr. Hywel Davies, flying in from Cardiff to cover services for me this weekend when I make a brief return trip home. The Vueling flight from Cardiff International Airport is due to arrive early evening, but I left mid-morning to allow me to call in on Isa and John in their place out in the olive groves near El Perello. I left them at half two with plenty of time to spare, so I took the N340 through the Penendes wine growing region again, this time in the opposite direction. The traffic wasn't nearly as bad this time, perhaps because I was on the road during siesta time. I arrived at Terminal 2 just before five and visited the EasyJet desk to see if I could change my return flight for next week, having botched the booking and committed myself unwittingly to an overnight stay in Barcelona, due to lack of late transport in a southerly direction. Making the change was easy, but cost me as much as a night in a hotel with meals and subway fares on top. Never mind, now I'll be home on the same day that Fr Hywel leaves, and I feel more comfortable about that. 

With my mission accomplished so quickly I had two hours to spare, so I drove around the commercial zone adjacent to the airport, and failing to find an air conditioned shopping centre to bemuse me, I found free parking in a shady spot and took a late siesta until it was time to make my way to Terminal 1 to collect Fr. Hywel. By eight we were on the road, and arrived home in three and a half hours. A decent journey, except that roads and for that matter road signs for most of the distance were unlit, making it quite demanding on the eyes. Having prepared a meal before we left, we were able to sit outside in the cool and eat supper Spanish style, until well after midnight.

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