Thursday, 16 August 2012

Out and about

Fr Hywel and I visited the railway station this morning and booked tickets for our forthcoming journeys, then went on into town to the church drop in morning. We lunched at el Garrofer on their famous Thursday menu del dia, starring Valencian paella, then drove up to L'Ampolla, so that I could show Hywel how to find the church, in preparation for this Sunday coming, and get used to driving the car.

On the way back we went out across the Delta de l'Ebre as far as the sand bar, and paddled in the lagoon. Over the past couple of weeks since my last visit, some rice fields have started to turn a pale yellow, while others remain different shades of green. I was annoyed that I  forgot to take my camera, as it's now becoming a beautiful patchwork of colours. It must look marvellous in the autumn. We ended a hot day with an evening swim in the lukewarm waters of the town's main beach before supper.

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