Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hospital visit

Last night Brenda phoned to tell me about the hospitalisation of Ray, a member of the congregation at Alcossebre, who is a choir conductor, keen on church music. We met at the El Camino drop in a couple of weeks ago. Earlier this week he was referred by his local medical centre for tests at Vinaros hospital, and this led to his admission for treatment in Castellon, where he was taken by ambulance, leaving his car in the Vinaros hospital car park.
After this morning's drop in session at 'Portico' I accompanied Les and Brenda in retrieving his car and moving it to their place for safe keeping. Then we drove together to visit him in Castellon, using a newly built highway which by passes the congested N340 for twenty miles, rising up into the hills behind the coastal plain in a spectacular way. The by-pass links the city with a recently completed regional airport serving Castellon. It has yet to come into use however, as it has been refused an operating license. Somehow, what project designers and constructors created doesn't meet airport safety requirements. How could they be so careless? There's no queue of budget airlines bidding for landing rights here. I bet lawsuits surrounding this fiasco are a major industry. At least the new road shortens the journey time between hospitals significantly.

Ray has had a distressing time getting appropriate treatment, but now he has the medical attention he needs, and his friends are rallying to support him. It's going to take a few days before he starts feeling well. At the moment he is just tired and weak. At least we were able to sort out a few practical things for him, and pray with him during our visit. He's in a fifth floor room with a spectacular view across the north of the city and the mountains beyond. I reckon he'll appreciate that as he recovers.

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