Thursday, 9 August 2012

Clare's Olympic year victory

This morning, Clare was taking part in the Welsh learners' poetry recitation competition at the National Eisteddfod in Barry back home. I texted her to wish her good luck and not long after received a message to say that she'd survived the elimination round, and was due to appear in the stage competition at 11h00, midday here in Spain. So, I delayed going to the drop-in centre to watch the competition live on the S4C satellite channel. I caught the tail end of one performer reciting on the big stage, and was infuriated that programme switched first to a commentator's discussion with some bigwig, then went into the advertising break. So I didn't get to watch, and lost the opportunity to record TV with my camera.

Much frustrated, I cycled into town later than anticipated, and helped tidy up and lay out chairs for next Sunday at the end of the session. Then, a little later as I was leaving the market with my shopping, I had another text bearing the magic words: I WON ! We talked when I got back home, and Clare was still a little amazed at her success. She gets a free Eisteddfod ticket for Saturday, and gets to perform again in the learner's concert. I feel so proud of her. I just hope there's a review of the day's activities on S4C tonight, or I shall be doubly fed up to have missed her special achievement.

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