Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Listening to the sea

A quiet day, avoiding the heat, writing next Sunday's sermon, working out my availabilities for next term's college chapel duty rota at St Michael's, and waiting until it was cool enough to cycle into town for food shopping. I guess, no matter how easy travel can be (and yesterday's trip was really good) nowadays it takes me another day to recover, catch up on things and adjust to a different pattern of life. When dusk fell however, I was back on the beach again, listening to the irregular rhythm of waves crashing on the pebbles - such tranquilising music. 

A few months ago a professional sound technician talked on BBC Radio Four about the uniqueness of the acoustic profile of waves arriving on beaches anywhere in the world. He played some examples and talked about their differences. It has made me listen more intently to the sea ever since. Except last weekend, when the tide was so far out, the sound of  tiny waves lapping the estuarine mud was inaudible from where we stood on Penarth promenade, 300 metres away.

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